What is your background ?

I do not have a university degree in design or fashion, I have acquired my knowledge by working as a fashion stylist for several years as well as spending most of my leisure time at my aunt’s workshop (she is a seamstress).

PHOTO DUSAN PETROVIC model Nadja Marinkovic

What is your vision about fashion and could you describe your world ? 

I believe that fashion should reflect reality and what is going on in our world at any given time, but it should enable everyone to remain true to themselves. And I made my world around that idea. I am completely aware of the challenges that modern world puts in front of women, while staying deeply convinced that a woman can remain feminine and childish under such conditions.

Which kind of women do you imagine for your designs ?

The woman that I have on my mind when I design is a strong, confident person who accepts challenges of her everyday life, and is entirely in control and proactive. She stands for her ideals, no matter what those might be.

Mihailo Anušić, founder of Mihano Momosa

Yet, she does not deny that she in fact is a woman embracing her femininity and by showcasing it she remains true to herself and that is what makes her even stronger and more confident.

PHOTO DUSAN PETROVIC model Nadja Marinkovic

What do you think of Serbia regarding fashion ?

There are a lot of stylish young people in Serbia and fashion enthusiasts, it is a place where I developed my brand and Serbia accepted my vision, even though I was completely new on such a fashion scene. So I would describe it as open, but it is a small market, relatively unknown abroad and those were the biggest challenges that I had to face.

What do you think of Paris regarding fashion ?

Paris is undoubtedly the fashion capital of the world. It never ceases to amaze me how a vibrant and diverse fashion scene it is, how people demonstrate their dedication to fashion with such an ease… For a fashion brand that shows off in Paris, it is very challenging to find your way on such a competitive and at times hectic market, but it only makes every success more rewarding.

Will you be present in France ?

Yes, Mihano Momosa has a showroom in Paris every season during the Paris Fashion Week.