What is your background ?

Cunnington & Sanderson met during their studies at the University of Central England. The shared love of draping and creating thought provoking garments became the foundation of the brand.

PHOTO RAFAEL KROETZ Model : Connie Martin | MOT Models 

After graduating the design duo moved to London to gain a first class Masters at the University of Westminster and gain experience working at two leading fashion houses.

In 2008 the design duo took part in the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyeres and won the Grand Prize of the Jury. Other Achievements of the luxury women’s wear brand include being finalists of the Mango Fashion Award in 2010, winning of the On|Off Landrover Visionary Award in London 2012, being selected for the Future of Fashion Programme at Who’s Next, Premiere Classe, in Paris 2016 and 2017 and recently being selected for Vogue Talents by Vogue Italy in 2017.

What is your vision about fashion and could you describe your world ?

Cunnington & Sanderson create every garment by hand. Fabric is draped, folded and refined with creative cutting and craftsmanship. Each garment holds within its own personal story and characteristics. Sculpting with luxury fabrics into contemporary, timeless and meaningful shapes.

PHOTO RAFAEL KROETZ Model : Connie Martin | MOT Models 

Our vision is to see people wear clothes that they want to wear, without any inhibitions – not to follow trends or feel intimidated to wear the same as everybody else.

It is a delight to see people wear what empowers their own emotions and be free to express themselves with structures, fabrics and forms.

Which kind of women do you imagine for your designs ?

Our customer is someone who can appreciate the craftsmanship, dedication and artistry of our work, and can recognise that each garment has been individually nurtured to portray a narrative and emotional symbolism.

Cunnington & Sanderson has proudly seen their clothes been worn by Suzanne Von Aichinger, Lily Gatins, Conchita Wurst, Zola Jesus, Erin O’connor, Andreea Diaconu.

PHOTO RAFAEL KROETZ Model : Connie Martin | MOT Models 

What do you think of UK regarding fashion ?

Leaders in creations, expressions and concepts.

What do you think of Paris regarding fashion ?

Leaders in Luxury, refined elegance.

Which are your next events ?

Currently we are working on the Autumn/Winter collection inspired by non conformity. We plan to present the collection in Paris during the Fashion Week. Cunnington & Sanderson are also working with Oxfam to present a charity Fashion Show to raise awareness. Teaching draping and creativity at Universities. Making new collaborations.